We re-engineered and designed GateKeepers app to make it easier for employees to lock and unlock their computers and manage their credentials.
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The Opportunity

GateKeeper is an enterprise security solution that allows employees to unlock their workstation by simply walking up to it with their key fob. Once unlocked, employees get access to all their credentials and login information. When walking away, their workstation automatically locks preventing others from getting access and reducing internal security breaches.
We were approached by GateKeeper to redesign and develop their client application. The goal was to simplify the installation, locking and unlocking experience, and user interface.

Simplifying the Experience

We started by mapping out the client application user flow including the installation, onboarding, and credential management experience.
GateKeeper User Flow
We spoke with GateKeeper's clients as well as the customer support team to help us identify some of the current user pain points. We decided that focusing on improving the onboarding process as well as settings management was the best way to simplify the app. We put together a wireframe of each screen in the user flow and improved onboarding experience.
GateKeeper Client Wireframe
GateKeeper Client Wireframe

Refining the Details

From the wireframe we built out a mockup of each screen and turned the design into an interactive prototype. With this prototype, we were able to identify further places where we could improve the user flow.
GateKeeper UI Design
GateKeeper UI Design 2
GateKeeper Prototype
GateKeeper Prototype Animated

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